Curtain Mode

Curtain Mode is a Remote Management feature on macOS that blocks or conceals the display on the computer Screens is connected to. It's useful if you don't want the remote user to see what you're doing (e.g. entering a password or editing a sensitive system file).

This is what people in front of the remote Mac will see (the text is user-customizable):

Note: In macOS 13 Ventura, the display is completely blank and does not display any information.

In Screens, you will see the remote desktop:

Things to consider

Note: This feature depends on the macOS native Remote Management service, and so is available only when connecting to a Mac.


You'll find Curtain More configuration under the saved connection settings under Security.

Manual activation

If Curtain Mode is not set to enable automatically, you can locate the Curtain Mode button on the connection window toolbar in Screens for Mac or in the Actions menu within the interactive toolbar in Screens for iPhone, iPad, Vision Pro.

On-Disconnect Actions

Note that Curtain Mode may cancel any On-Disconnect Actions sent to the remote Mac.

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