Configuring Raspberry Pi for Remote Access

Raspberry Pi is a fully functional computer residing on a printed circuit board less than four inches long. Designed as an educational tool, it has found widespread favor with hobbyists and professionals alike for a dazzling array of uses.

Screens supports Raspberry Pi’s pre-installed RealVNC virtual network computing server, as long as a couple of configuration settings are respected.

Configure Raspberry Pi’s RealVNC Server

For more information about using Raspberry Pi’s on-board VNC software, see RealVNC’s guide.

Configure Raspberry Pi’s SSH Server

You will find more details here.

Making your Computer accessible remotely

If you'd like to connect to your computer remotely, we recommend to use a service such as No-IP. You'll find instructions in this article.

Selecting a Display

In order to select a particular display on your computer, you need to specify a different port number. You'll find more details in this article.

Configure Screens

You can now create a new screen in order to connect to your Raspberry Pi.

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