⭐️ Screens 5 Overview

Screens 5 is a robust yet user-friendly screen-sharing client app enabling seamless connections to and control of your computers worldwide. Accessible on Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Vision Pro for unparalleled convenience.

For those transitioning from earlier Screens versions, you'll discover a transformed Library with multiple sections. This guide is crafted to provide clarity on what each section represents and to help you determine which ones align with your specific needs.


In Screens 5, connections are categorized into four sections:

Screens Connect

Access your Mac or Windows PC from anywhere. Create a free account and install Screens Connect for easy local and remote connections.

This is the section we recommend using as it gathers all you need to connect to your computers locally and remotely.


Connect directly to computers found on your local network.


Connect to recent items, including connections that were made via Screens Assist, Quick Connect or a URL.

Custom Screens

If you need more customization for your connections, you can create personalized connections with custom URLs or IP addresses, offering flexibility beyond standard options. Ideal for specific user needs. This section represents the items that are found in the Screens 4 library, if you have migrated from a previous Screens version.


You can create groups to organize your Screens Connect and Custom Screens items.

Next Steps

Initiate remote access by configuring your computers. Explore our ”Configuring … for Remote Access" articles in the Getting Started section for detailed guidance.

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