Authenticating with the Remote Computer

Connecting to a Mac

When establishing a connection with a Mac, Screens offers two distinct methods for accessibility:

Guest User

This approach eliminates the necessity for user credentials but mandates that someone on the destination Mac approves the screen sharing request:

Mac User

In this method, you must furnish a username and password for a user already configured on the destination Mac.

The user credentials mirror those employed when logging into your Mac after a restart or when implementing system changes:

If you encounter difficulty locating your Mac username, refer to this article for assistance.

Connecting to a PC

When connecting to a PC, Screens provides two distinct methods:

No Authentication

This method is discouraged due to its potential to expose your computer to vulnerabilities. However, if used, it is advisable to establish a secure connection first and subsequently configure your VNC server to exclusively accept local connections.

VNC Password

This recommended method utilizes the password you've set in your VNC server settings.

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