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Screens Connect is a small-footprint, low-resource assistant utility that provides information about the computer it's installed on to all of your Screens installations. This allows you to establish remote connections to these computers with little or no configuration, and with current network addressing data always up to date...even if your ISP assigned you a dynamic IP address. Information gathered by Screens Connect is stored in the cloud with your Screens ID.

Normally, you needn't concern yourself with your Screens ID. In a typical scenario, a new user will install Screens Connect on a computer he wants remote access to, and will sign into the app with his Screens ID at install time. Once this computer is ready for remote access, he will then sign into Screens for Mac or Screens for iOS with his Screens ID, and information stored there will automatically sync with Screens.

Note: Your Screens ID does not store usernames and passwords, and is not a substitute for the authentication credentials required to log into any given computer. Remote log-in credentials are stored in the saved screen settings for the computer in question.


Creating a Screens ID

You can create a Screens ID while installing Screens Connect or at Only an e-mail address and password are required.


Managing Computer Information Stored with Your Screens ID

Your Screens ID stores entries for each computer you installed Screens Connect on. It's sometimes advisable to visit our Screens ID management page to clean up any incorrect or outdated entries. To remove an entry, simply click its green Unregister button.



Deleting Your Screens ID

You can delete your Screens ID by logging into our Screens ID management page and clicking the big red button.



Changing the E-Mail Address Associated with Your Screens ID

It's not possible to change the e-mail address associated with your Screens ID; a new account must be created. We suggest the following procedure:

  • Log out of your Screens ID in all Screens and Screens Connect installations.
  • Log into our Screens ID management page and delete the account.
  • Create a new Screens ID with your preferred e-mail address.


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