Preparing your Raspberry Pi for TouchPad and NumPad

Raspberry Pi is a fully functional computer residing on a printed circuit board less than four inches long. Designed as an educational tool, it has found widespread favor with hobbyists and professionals alike for a dazzling array of uses.

TouchPad and NumPad support Raspberry Pi’s pre-installed RealVNC virtual network computing server, as long as a couple of configuration settings are respected.

Step 1: Configure Raspberry Pi’s RealVNC Server

  1. On your Raspberry Pi, boot into the desktop. If the desktop isn’t a viable option, start VNC Server from the command line.
  2. Navigate to Menu > Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration > Interfaces and confirm that VNC is enabled.
  3. Open VNC Server’s Options window.
  4. Under Security, confirm that Authentication is set to VNC Password and that Encryption is set to Prefer On.
  5. Under Users & Permissions, confirm that the Standard User is allowed to receive incoming connections and that a password is set for the user account.
  6. When setting a password, you will need to enable "Allow connections from legacy VNC Viewer users" if that option is shown.
  7. Double-click the VNC icon on your taskbar to open the VNC Server dialog and make a note of the IP address.

Step 2: Setting up TouchPad/NumPad

Important: On iOS 14 or later, make sure that TouchPad or NumPad is allowed to access your local network. To make sure it is, open the Settings app and browse to Privacy > Local Network. TouchPad or NumPad should be allowed. If not, simply turn on access.

  1. Launch TouchPad or NumPad on your iOS device if it's not already running.
  2. You will be prompted you to select a server. Tap 'Yes'. Note: You can also access the Computers List by tapping on the Settings Button.
  3. Tap on the Computer you want to connect to. Note: If your computer is not listed tap the + Add New Device button to create a new computer manually.
  4. If the selected computer was already configured, TouchPad/NumPad will initiate a connection. If not, will display the Computer details.
  5. Make sure the Operating System is set to Linux.

Fill out the required Authentication information.

Tap Save and re-select the computer you've just configured.

If everything is in order, you should now be connected and ready to connect!

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