TouchPad Supported Gestures

 help_gestures_single-click.png Tap to Click
Tap with one finger.
 help_gestures_double-click.png Double-tap to Double-click
Tap twice with one finger to perform a double-click.
 help_gestures_secondary-click.png Secondary Click
Perform right-click functions by pressing two fingers anywhere over the desired element(s).
 help_gestures_two-finger-scroll.png Scrolling
Brush two fingers to scroll vertically or horizontally. 
 help_gestures_2-fingers-zoom.png Zooming
Pinch to zoom your computer display (Macintosh only). Make sure you turn on Zoom in System Preferences → Accessibility.
 help_gestures_drag.png Dragging
Hold one finger down until you see a blue fading circle appear or hear a click sound. Move your finger around to drag.
 help_gestures_3-fingers.png Three Fingers Swipe
Swipe in any direction with three fingers to trigger command (see Settings).
 help_gestures_4-fingers.png Four Fingers Swipe
Swipe in any direction with four fingers to trigger command (see Settings).* 

(*) Starting with iOS 5, four and five finger gestures are used by your iPad to navigate through apps. If you want to use four finger gestures with TouchPad, navigate to Settings → General and disable Multitaksing Gestures. This behavior does not affect your iPhone or iPod.

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