Using custom URLs and ports with Screens

If you opt for third-party services like DynDNS Remote Access or No-IP, or rely on a public IP address for remote access to your computer over the Internet without using Screens Connect, it's crucial to adjust your connection settings accordingly.

For non-secure connections

For non-secure connections, simply input your custom URL or public IP address along with the port number in the Connection section of the saved screen settings.

For secure connections

When connecting to a remote computer through an SSH tunnel, follow these steps:

Under Connection, provide a local network hostname/IP address (e.g.,, Johns-iMac-Pro.local, or localhost) and the port number for your computer. Once the secure network connection is established, the SSH tunnel will utilize this information to connect your Screens session. Note that the default VNC port is 5900.

If you require assistance in finding your computer's hostname or local IP address, refer to this article.

Under Security, enter your custom URL or public IP address along with the port number. Screens will use this information to create an SSH tunnel before connecting to the Screen Sharing service (on Macs) or VNC server (on PCs).

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