I cannot control my Mac

If mouse gestures or keyboard input doesn't go through to your Mac, try these steps:

  • Make sure that Observe > Control is enabled in the Remote Management settings.assets--KyQAlVJx814hpeAUhrU--KyQAlo-3l0HSvcr7Yeg--KyQAntQlJnG37uJcEnN-Napkin_16-11-09__8.29.06_AM.png

  • If that is already the case, try to disable Remote Management and enable Screen Sharing instead. Then, try to connect. If you are able to control your Mac, try to re-enable Remote Management. Some users have reported that switching between the services solves the issue.

  • Make sure that Observe mode isn't selected in Screens. Control mode should be enabled in order to send mouse and keyboard commands.

  • Screens for iOS: Select the cursor control mode that is the most appropriate for you. Some users set Screens in Touch mode while they want to control their remote Mac like a trackpad. In those cases, you should enable Trackpad mode instead. You'll find more information in the Cursor Control Modes article.
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