I’m having trouble connecting to a computer on the same network.

As long as our instructions from Preparing a Mac for Screens are followed carefully, it’s uncommon for a technical issue to prevent local-network connections. Your first step, then, is to double-check those instructions for possible mistakes during set-up.

If you’re still unable to connect, please reproduce the issue and send a diagnostics report. We’ll be happy to review the information and offer any help we can.

  • From Screens for iOS: Tap the Settings icon, tap Help, then tap Request Support. This will open a feedback form with a diagnostics report pre-attached. (Note that Apple Mail may be required to send a report.)
  • From Screens for macOS: Click the Help menu in the system menu bar, hold the Option key, then click Save Diagnostics Report. You can then attach this report to your reply.

It may also be helpful to see a Screens Connect diagnostics report from the Mac you’re trying to connect to (if applicable).

  • From Screens Connect for macOS: Click the Screens Connect icon, hold the Option key, and click Save Report As.
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