Preparing your Linux PC for TouchPad and NumPad

These instructions refer to a Ubuntu setup so settings may change from a distribution to another. Please refer to the Linux distribution help manual for more information.

TouchPad is compatible with most recent distributions.

Step 1: Configure your PC

  • In the system menu, select System > Preferences > Remote Desktop.

  • Enable «Allow other users to view your desktop».

  • Enable «Allow other users to control your desktop».

  • It is recommended to disable «You must confirm each access to this machine».

  • Enable «Require the user to enter this password» and enter a password. Write it down as you'll need it when configuring TouchPad.

  • It is recommended to enable «Configure network automatically to accept connections».

  • If your computer is running a Firewall, make sure it is properly configured.

  • Click the Close button and you're done!

Step 2: Setting up TouchPad/NumPad

  • Launch TouchPad or NumPad on your iOS device if it's not already running.

  • You will be prompted you to select a server. Tap 'Yes'.

  • You can also access the Computers List by tapping on the Settings Button:

  • Tap on the Computer you want to connect to.

    Note: If your computer is not listed tap the + Add New Device button to create a new computer manually.

  • If the selected computer was already configured, TouchPad/NumPad will initiate a connection or it will display the Computer settings.

  • Make sure the Operating System is set to Linux.

  • Fill out the required Authentication information.

    • Method: VNC Password,
    • Password: The password you previously created in Step 1.
  • Tap Save and re-select the computer you've just configured.

  • If everything is in order, you should now be connected and ready to connect!

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