TouchPad Settings in Details


  • Disable Sleep Mode: Enabling this will prevent your iOS device to turn itself into sleep mode.

  • Auto-Connect: Lets TouchPad reconnect to the last connected computer at launch.

  • Dark Theme: Enable this setting if you want TouchPad to emit less light in a dark environment.

Dragging Alert

  • Play Sound: When dragging gesture has been locked and ready to be used.

Two Finger Gestures

  • Two Fingers Tap: Set to Middle Click if you are connecting to a Mac running OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard.

  • Inertial Scrolling: Scrolling with or without inertia.

  • Natural Direction Scrolling: Disable if you need to scroll in the opposite direction.

Three and Four Finger Gestures

  • Select any of the pre-programmed commands.

Cursor Sensitivity

  • Adjust to what works best for you.

Scrolling Speed

  • Adjust to what works best for you.
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