Connecting to a computer on a closed network with no Internet

Screens is designed to work when you have a connection to the Internet. However, it is still possible to connect to a computer when you are using an computer-to-computer network, also called an ad-hoc network.

These instructions demonstrate how to achieve this with Screens for iOS and a Mac but the same instructions can be also applied with Screens for macOS and a Linux or Windows PC.

Note: make sure that your Mac is configured to receive incoming connections via Screen Sharing or Remote Management first!

1. Create an computer-to-computer network



2. Get your Mac's IP address for your computer-to-computer network



3. Select your ad-hoc network



4. Create a new screen by hitting the Custom... button



5. Enter your Mac's IP address from Step 2


Note: you can leave port number set to 5900.


6. You should now be able to connect!


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