Supported Gestures

App Gestures

These gestures will interact with the app:

assets--L9zz7BTbj2HF8iDDQnm--L9zzEDDxKqWsD_6e-An--L9zzMLJQpaIU_Wb9jwd-2-fingers-zoom.pngPinch in or out to zoom the display.
assets--L9zz7BTbj2HF8iDDQnm--L9zzEDDxKqWsD_6e-An--L9zzMLKVilTQmtxn2Xb-2-double-tap.pngDouble-tap with two fingers to toggle into or out of fullscreen (bottom toolbar hidden).

Screen Edge Gestures

To perform these gestures, start swiping from your device edges towards the center in a straight line.

Use these gestures to:


  • Unhide the dock.
  • Move quickly to one edge on the remote display.
  • Show the menu bar when the app running on your remote Mac is in fullscreen mode.

NOTE: When the device keyboard is visible, perform the swipe up gesture over the shortcuts toolbar.

Hot Corners Gestures

Hot Corners are actions triggered when you move your mouse cursor to a corner of you Mac display. You can set Hot Corners in System PreferencesDesktop & Screen SaverHot Corners.


To trigger a Hot Corner, simply swipe from a screen-edge corner. Screens will take care of moving the cursor to that corner for you.

Three Fingers Swipe Gestures

Just like using your Magic Trackpad! Screens sends corresponding keyboard shortcuts for these actions. By default, Screens uses the default shortcuts from macOS:

  • Swipe up to launch Mission Control (⌃ ↑)
  • Swipe down to show all windows for the current application (⌃ ↓)
  • Swipe right to move left a space (⌃ ←)
  • Swipe left to move right a space (⌃ →)


If you have different shortcuts than these in System PreferencesKeyboardShortcuts, then you can either set them to what is suggested above or install Screens Connect on your Mac. Screens Connect takes care of sending the correct keyboard shortcuts to Screens so you don't have to worry about them. Moreover, it makes it easy to connect to your Mac when you're away. See Installing Screens Connect for macOS for more information.

NOTE: If you're connecting to a Windows or Linux PC, the Swipe Up and Swipe Down gestures are disabled. The Swipe Left and Swipe Right gestures are associated to the Alt-Tab shortcut, which will display the app switcher on the remote computer.


  • Other than dragging (if configured), three-finger gestures are not supported.
  • Zoom is not supported.
  • Rotate is not supported.
  • Smart Zoom is not supported.
  • Open Notification Center is not supported.


If one or more gestures aren't working, make sure that you're signed into Screens Connect on the remote computer using the same Screens ID as is being used on the Screens device you're connecting from.

If this isn't the problem, on the remote Mac, try resetting assigned shortcuts.


1. Launch System Preferences.

2. Click Keyboard.

3. Click the Shortcuts tab.

4. Click Restore Defaults.

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