Manually Configuring a Port in Screens Connect

If UPnP or NAT-PMP is not available on your router, or if you prefer to configure port forwarding yourself, you can define a port number of your choosing in Screens Connect. Your router can then be configured to forward Screens connections to this port.

  • Open the Screens Connect menu.
  • Click Preferences.


  • Click Advanced.
  • Select Use public port number.


  • Enter a valid port that Screens may connect to. For unsecured connections, we recommend the universal default for Screen Sharing (VNC): 5900. For secure connections, we recommend the universal default for Remote Login (SSH): 22.
  • Note the forwarding information provided below the port number field.




When assigning a port number, remember that you may not use a port number already in use by another service on the computer running Screens Connect. Using a port number in use on another computer is fine, as network traffic is routed to <IPAddress>:<PortNumber>,. For example, if you have four computers you wish to connect to with Screens, the following IP address/port number assignment scenario is acceptable:

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